Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most commonly used siding material today. Although it is relatively easy to clean, there can be a few factors to consider:

  • Artillery Fungus example

    Artillery Fungus example

    Artillery fungus is a bacteria that grows in bark mulch. When is matures, it releases it’s fungus spores in a spraying motion. When that fungus comes in contact with vinyl, it is soft and tacky. Over time it hardens and becomes impossible to remove. Most of the time, pressure washing will not remove fungus spores.

  • Permanent stains – During house maintenance, if paint is mistakenly applied to vinyl siding, its usually a permanent stain. Other common stains are due to insecticides coming in contact with vinyl.

Painted Surfaces (Clapboard or cedar shingles)

When cleaning a house or building is required and the paint is in good condition we would use a light chemical wash to clean dirt, mold and algae off of the siding. Our method of pressure washing will not remove well adhered paint.

Preparing for Painting

Most paint does not last forever because over time it breaks down and becomes chalky and thin. In order to enhance the results when a house or building requires painting, preparing the surface is the best option to assure proper adhesion for the new paint.